Hi, I’m Stephen Rowe, The Socials Guy. As Department Head of Social Studies at Gander Collegiate, in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, I teach courses on geography, history, civics, economics, and social justice. I have also been involved in provincial curriculum writing and course development at the secondary level as well as piloting programs for new courses in social studies.

I’m a firm believer in the power of investigative education through inquiry-based learning, which gives students opportunities to formulate questions, gather data/information, analyse sources, generate alternatives, evaluate/draw conclusions, and communicate their findings to others. The inquiry process helps students develop deep and meaning understandings of issues and the human element within the social studies as they become competent and engaged Canadian citizens.

Outside of teaching, I am also a poet and author of two books, geo•logics (2015) and Never More There (2009). Poems of mine have been published in a variety of journals and magazines across Canada and internationally, while winning awards for poetry. I’m a supporter of Arsenal FC, Toronto FC and a fan of Canadian soccer in general. Stoicism, in the classical sense, is an important part of my life and an area of reading and philosophy I find quite enjoyable and useful. As a system of thought that helps one establish a practical approach to living well and being effective in all one does, I try to apply this to my work as an educator.

This website contains information and content related to courses I teach, my thoughts on various aspects of education, and other related links, as well as updates on readings, awards and the like related to my writing career. Opinions expressed here are my own, as I can’t speak for others, including my employer.



  • B.A. Medieval Studies & English (MUN, 2003)
  • B.Ed. Intermediate/Secondary Education (MUN, 2005)
  • M.Ed. Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (MUN, 2016)


  • Social Studies 1211 (pilot) Curriculum and Pilot Committee
  • Social Studies 2211 (pilot) Curriculum and Pilot Committee
  • Social Studies 3211 (pilot) Curriculum and Pilot Committee
  • World Geography 3208 (pilot) Curriculum and Pilot Committee
  • World Geography 3202 Public Exam Item Writing/Marking Board
  • Canadian Geography 1202 Curriculum Committee