Canada’s Population now above 36 mil


In 2012, I began teaching a brand new course in the Newfoundland and Labrador Social Studies Curriculum – the new and improved Canadian Geography 1202. My favourite unit from this course deals with demography and population trends and issues facing our country, and the textbook, an updated-for-NL-use version of Encounter Canada (Oxford University Press, 2007) that had been used in Ontario schools, did a good job of covering major concepts in the unit. I remember the population data in this resource said that Canada’s population was about 33.5 million. Whether that’s updated for the 2012 NL course or whether it was the stat used in the 2007 original text, it is less than the most updated numbers from Stats Canada, which place Canada’s population at the beginning of this year at over 36 million.

I mention this because the National Post has put up a short post that includes an interactive map that shows the current population and relative growth in the last 10 years. That of the Atlantic populations remain low in growth is no surprising, and neither is the high rate of growth for Alberta, but one wonders how quickly this will change in light of the recent economic downturn.

There are numbers on the site for migration numbers, births and deaths, and more. Worth checking out.


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