Recent Readings

2015-09-19 12.03.24

Signing books with Brian Bartlett at WOTS Halifax.

I had the pleasure of being invited to read at the Word on the Street festival in Halifax on Set. 19. It took place in  a lovely location (the new Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Rd). I read with Brian Bartlett and had a chance to chat to him afterwards while signing books. He’s an interesting poet and I picked up a copy of his Ringing Here & There: A Nature Calendar at the event and look forward to reading it when I get the time.

On Oct. 7, I was in Gander to read at an event for the Arts & Letters Awards. It is intended to raise awareness of the awards for potential senior and junior entrants, while showcasing some of the local talent and successes from recent years. I read two poems from my newest book, geo•logics, both of which had won awards in the last few years. Among the other readers was Matthew Williams, a student at the local high school. It is great to see young creative minds getting recognition for hard work and effort in poetry.

I’d like to thank those at Word on the Street and the Arts & Letters Awards for the opportunities to read at these events. They were well organized, attended, and I enjoyed myself immensely.


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