New On The Bookshelf: Solie and Paré


IMG_20150824_183504On a recent trip to the big city, I stopped into the local Chapters and made two purchases. I’m a little slow getting to both of these, but late is better than never. At this point I have quite a bit of catch-up to play in terms of Canadian poetry over the last year or two, but the fact is that this is less a challenge and more an excuse to get back into reading more of what I enjoy. It’s strange how life’s “things” get in the way so often.

The first collection of poems is from Karen Solie, The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out, her first since winning the Griffin Poetry Prize with Pigeon back in 2010. Solie has quickly become one of my favourite poets, and I’m eager to get my teeth into her latest book. I’m drawn to her use of imagery, the crisp description she provides, and the mental linkages she makes within poems.

The second book is Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Paré, a poet who recently won the Govern General’s Award for poetry, which is no small feat. I read at an event arranged by Breakwater Books back in April, where Paré read from this collection. It was a delightful thing to hear her, the engagement she has with the natural world, her sewing together of person and place. I could not resist picking up the book to explore in greater detail.


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