Holiday Reading Material


The holiday period has been pretty good to me in terms of reading material for the next little while. I usually receive an assortment of books, usually more than I have the time to get to, but I never consider this a negative. At some point I’ll get to them when I get some down time later in the year.

This year the number of books was somewhat lower, but I’m happy with those I did acquire. Mary Dalton’s latest, Hooking, is a book I’ve wanted ever since it was released earlier in the year. Dalton uses a mash-up type approach to writing poems in this collection, writing centos or “patchwork” pieces that borrow lines from other authors and combine them to produce new poems. Alice Oswald’s Memorial is another book of poems I’ve wanted for a while, but only now can say is in my possession. It is a modern take on aspects of Homer’s Iliad. I also now have William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, a book written by Ian Doescher, a book that retells the Star Wars (Verily a New Hope) in Shakespearean form, complete with couplets (win!).

StillnessandspeedBesides poetry, I’ve received Stats Canada: Satire on a National Scale, which is of course based on the popular twitter parody account. I’ve followed @stats_canada for a while now and never get tired of the quips and steady, if somewhat stereotypical, humour. The last book I’ve recently gotten and the first I’ve started reading is Stillness and Speed: My Story, a biography of Dennis Bergkamp, the Dutch soccer legend who played for Arsenal Football club. Bergkamp’s career is before my time as a fan, but to learn more about the man and his own perspectives on football, coaching, and his career will be fascinating.

Hope your holiday season has been and continues to be enjoyable.


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