Spain’s Got The Wrong Time


For seven decades Spain has had the wrong time…zone. Spain is currently on CET (Central European Time), rather than GMT like the UK, and it’s all because of a single meeting between Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler back in Oct. 1940. Hitler had been looking for Spain’s support during the war, only to be unsuccessful. Spain had suffered enough from its own civil war and the difficult recovery it was undertaking meant that Franco was reluctant to provide the support Hitler requested. Instead, perhaps as a show of good faith, the Spanish leader switched his country’s clocks to be in line with Germany’s and this change hasn’t been successfully revisited by the government there until recently.

The country is currently going through the process of approval  for a new bill designed to put Spain back into the GMT timezone, the one it used to have before the 1940’s. There’s apparently a group called the Association for the Rationalization of Spanish Schedules, which has been attempting to alter the holiday and weekend makeup of the country’s culture in order to bring it in line more closely with it’s UK counterparts to the north. The hope is that Spain can improve the productivity of its workforce through such measures.

Source: National Public Radio.


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