The March Hare in Gander


This past Thursday I attended Eric’s Time, an evening of poetry and music here in Gander. The event is part of The March Hare festivities occurring across the province this week and the line up of performers made for a great evening:


The music was entertaining, with Fergus O’Byrne and Fergus Brown-O’Byrne standing out. But the poets did a fantastic job of making the evening a quality experience. Arne Ruste, a poet from Norway, read his poems in his native tongue and an interpreter read an English translation afterwards. Hearing the poems in the original Norwegian added significantly to the reading, the sounds intoxicating. He had just earlier on his trip to Newfoundland been in an accident and his leg was in a brace, yet he soldiered on and made the reading. Many apologies and great appreciation to him.

John Ennis is a wonderfully insightful Irish poet and the highlight of the evening for me. I’d first heard him read back in 2006 in St. John’s and straight away had to pick up an edition of his Selected Poems. His work isn’t generally available here and for this reason took a bit of searching. On Thursday night he was in great form, reading from his new book, which was inspired by the music of Sigur Ros. I had a chance to chat with him at the end of the night; truly a high point in my career as a poet.

Kerri Cull, who read at the Gander Hare as well (and was awesome, I must add), is following the happenings in the Corner Brook area this weekend, so be sure to check out her site (The Book Fridge) for details. You can find a link on the right of this page.



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