Chris Hadfield: zero gravity superstar


Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to walk in space, has returned to the zero gravity zone once more on a new five month mission aboard the International Space Station. What’s most interesting about this for the geography-minded is a new element to Hadfield’s work, namely his near constant tweeting of photographs of Earth from outside the world.

It’s great to see geographic features photographed and shared instantly from his alien’s eye view. He’s focused somewhat on Canada, being his homeland, but spreads his lens out to cover almost any location one can think of. He’s done interviews, held conferences, and spoken with students at school, all while conducting important experiments, tests of equipment, and installing new gadgets about the station.


He’s gained quite the following on Twitter, as one can see from his 218,000 followers. A highlight for these followers has no doubt been the exchanges he’s had with such celebrities as William Shatner and George Takei; Star Trek themed, of course.


As much fun as this part of Hadfield’s tweeting is, for me the best part is seeing the photos he’s taken of the topography of our planet. The colours, land forms, water forms, and weather conditions can all be gleaned from this posts. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Delta on the Bay of Bengal. (Jan 15)


Athens, Greece. (Jan 14)


Vancouver, Canada. (Jan. 13)


Desert sands in Namibia. (Jan. 12)


Agricultural land in Central Asia. (Jan. 8)

Commander Hadfield will remain in space for the coming months. He’s well worth a follow on Twitter, if you’re into such things. Wonderful indeed to have a Canadian making contact with home on such a regular basis and sharing a small part of his out-of-this-world experiences with us.




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