Homeschooling Nightmare


I’m not the kind of educator who will suggest that there is no value in homeschooling. I realize that schooling of any sort is only as good as the curriculum developed and the teachers providing the learning opportunities for students. The problem, though, with homeschooling from a governmental perspective is the difficulty in ensuring a standard curriculum for those members of society who do not avail of the public or private school systems. There may be deficiencies in student learning that can negatively affect their preparation for the world of work and, therefore, contributions made to society as a whole. This would not only concern the government and employers from a labour market perspective, but also those who have received this education. I don’t mean to suggest that all homeschooling is improper and, no doubt, there are great examples of homeschooling that has provided rich and challenging opportunities for students. The desired result of any kind of schooling is a student who is creative, a critical thinker, and prepared to face the challenges of the future, both for the individual and the world as a whole.

That said, this article has come to my attention this evening. It’s from New Zealand and contains a letter to the editor written by a 14 year old, who has been home schooled. Reading the selection, it’s easy to see how some kind of education standard would be beneficial to the student. Some teaching about the nature of bias and equality wouldn’t go amiss either.


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