New Cyber Safe Girl website


We know bullying is a problem in most, if not all schools, and it’s not an easy issue to address. In some cases we try to deal with those committing the act, but this is not always easy to do: often punishments are poor deterrents to such behavior, not to mention that so much bullying goes unreported and even unnoticed by those entrusted with the responsibility to prevent it.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the other Atlantic Provinces have developed a website that aims to tackle another side of the bullying issue, namely that of cyber bullying and the victims of this kind of activity. By far, young girls are the most affected, and the new website is targeted at educating girls and their parents and teachers about cyber bullying. There are a multitude of online risks that affect girls on a daily basis, and keeping these young people safe should be high on the list of concerns for people in this country.

I encourage you to check out the site, called Cyber Safe Girl, and share it where possible (CBC News has an article on the site up as well). The more people know, the more equipped they can be to deal with this kind of problem.


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