Canada is the most educated country in the world


A recent study has been discussed in 24/7 Wall St. that indicates the world’s top ten most educated nations. It is interesting to see Canada top the list as the current world leader.

It’s important to know that this rating was given based on the proportion of the adult population with a college equivalent or higher education. What’s also evident here is that though Canada is on top of the list, we are not top of the list in Education spending, which is out of the ordinary (statistics show that, in general, if you throw money at this issue you’ll get the job done).

You an read the whole article here. Below is an excerpt of the article, the section on Canada itself.

1. Canada
>;; Pct. population with tertiary education: 51%
>;; Average annual growth rate (2000-2010): 2.4% (5th lowest)
>;; GDP per capita: $39,050 (11th highest)

Canada is the only nation where more than half of all adults had a tertiary education in 2010. This was up from 40% of the adult population in 2000, when the country also ranked as the world’s most educated. Canada has managed to become a world leader in education without being a leader in education spending, which totaled just 6.1% of GDP in 2009, or less than the 6.3% average for the OECD. A large amount of its spending went towards tertiary education, on which the country spent 2.5% of GDP, trailing only the United States and South Korea. One of the few areas Canada did not perform well in was attracting international students, who made up just 6.6% of all tertiary students — lower than the OECD’s 8% average.


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