Links: Jules Supervielle, Poetry Quiz, Digitizing of Medieval Texts, and More


Here are a couple of links I’ve looked at over the last few days. Maybe something here is of interest to you:

  • The Times Literary Supplement has a featured poem by French poet Jules Supervielle (1884-1969) called “To Myself When Dead”. It’s short, but packs a bit of a punch.
  • CBC Books has a CanLit poetry quiz up at their site in celebration of Poetry Month. See how you do on the quiz (completing it enters you to win all seven books by this year’s Griffin nominees). Also, remember the CBC Poetry Prize deadline is May 1.
  • Our goal as readers is to, eventually, look like this guy (from Reddit).
  • The Malahat Review and The Fiddlehead are swapping regions for their next issue. The former is publishing Atlantic Canadian work, while the latter work from Canada’s West Coast. Guidelines here.
  • I’m a sucker for anything Medieval, making this joint project by the Bodleian and Vatican libraries quite excellent.
  • The Walrus has a great article by Richard Poplak about the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team and the idea of soccer in this country (This is from the march issue).

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