That Smell We All Love


You’ve probably been there: you’re discussing e-readers with a friend or family member, who’s quite an avid reader. At some point in the conversation, one of you will mention the experience of holding a physical book, turning pages, or even the smell of the book (especially if it’s an old one) as reasons why printed books are better than e-books. I’m not opening up this bag of worms right now, since it’s not the focus of this post, there will be plenty of opportunities later.

Books smell and there are reasons for it, ranging from heat and moisture levels of the area in which they are stored, to the effects of the chemicals (acids) used in their production. AbeBooks has a short video discussing just this topic and though the first few seconds are just a little bit creepy, it is worth the watch.

Kudos to Strombo for posting this link over at that site.


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