Song In Ontario Production


A couple of years ago I wrote a song about the closure of the Abitibi Consolidated paper mill in Stephenville. The issue is one that has arisen in many other areas: the mill, after years functioning as one of the region’s primary employers, would shut down to save the larger company operations costs. It was all over the local news and stories would be reported of people who had worked at the mill for years who would lose their jobs; some of these workers were at an age where they were too young to retire but had already worked for 2o+ years at the mill. Difficult times for these people and the constant coverage of the latest in talks between the province and the company provided  me inspiration for “The Paper Mill Song”.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a gentleman involved in the Class Act Dinner Theatre out of Whitby, Ontario, who was interested in using the song for a stage production about a similar case of cultural decline in that province. I agreed that Class Act could adapt the song slightly to suit the locality. The play, a comedy called Knickers, will run until the end of April. If you or someone you know happens to be in the area certainly check it out.


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