Return to blogging and ebooks


It’s been a month or so since my last post here and there are a couple of reasons for this: 1) I’ve had a little trouble with the blog recently (functional sorts of issues) and 2) I’ve been concentrating more on reading rather than writing. I’ll do my best to pop in more regularly to update what’s been happening with me and relate the latest news and things of interest that have come my way.

For now I’ll just post a link to a short article I read recently regarding ebooks and their costs in Quebec as opposed to the rest of Canada. Apparently, in Quebec ebooks are taxed at a rate of 9.5% provincially, whereas print books are exempt from such tax. Not something readers of digital books should be happy about and the article also mentions some concerns Kobo has about what it means for their customers. You can read all about it courtesy of The Quill & Quire here.

Although Budlovsky said the discrepancy “should be atrociously viewed by the Canadian
public,” Kobo isn’t ready to battle the Canadian government to change the tax laws.

“We accept the law for what it is and feel that it should be changed but that is a long and bureaucratic process,” Budlovsky said. “We work in a … fast-moving industry where we need to stay ahead of the competition by working on things that are under ourcontrol.”


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