Phil Hall takes 2011 Governor General’s Award for Poetry

The Governor General’s Awards for literature were announced this morning at 11:30 Newfoundland time. Of course, I’d miss the live announcement as I was in school at the time, but I’d later see that Phil Hall won the poetry category. I saw him read a few years back when he came to St. John’s and I was impressed. Quite an accomplishment and a congratulations to him for this latest achievement. The book’s title is Killdeer and I’ve yet to read it, but it’ll certainly be on my radar now. Here’s a video of Hall reading from the book earlier this year at BookThug’s Spring launch:

He beat out some good competition in Susan Musgrave and Michael Boughn, both authors who have been highly tagged as possible winners. Perhaps the greatest success this year is that of BookThug, the company that published Hall’s book. Not only did they publish the winner, but three of the five finalists, making it a banner year for them. This will no doubt garner greater interest in BookThug and well deserved, I say. Check out their website and see what interests you.


One thought on “Phil Hall takes 2011 Governor General’s Award for Poetry

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