MetroVerse Project


I’ve recently discovered that a poem of mine will be appearing on buses or at bus shelters around the St. John’s area this fall. The MetroVerse project is an initiative put in place by the Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador and the City of St. John’s and aims to have poems by Newfoundland writers appear in public as a way of promoting those writers, but also to help the arts find their way into people’s everyday experiences. From the WANL website:

Since 2001, WANL has partnered with the City of St. John’s on the poetry on the buses project. Poems by Newfoundland and Labrador poets are selected and printed on durable posters measuring 35″ x 11″ for use in the interior of city buses. In October 2005, the third installment of MetroVerse was launched, with poems also printed on posters measuring 30″ x 139″ for use on the exterior of buses. This project brings culture to the public in a unique and positive manner and provides unprecedented exposure to our poets. WANL is working on bringing another installment of Metroverse onto the buses.

I remember when I was attending university in the city that this project was in place at that time. I would read pieces by a variety of poets as I made my way to and from class and wonder what would have to happen for my own work to appear in such a public way. Any opportunity to display the work of local writers is one worth being a part of and I’m very pleased to have been invited to participate. The poem itself comes from my book Never More There, which can be purchased here, should you feel so inclined.


2 thoughts on “MetroVerse Project

    • “Can You Ride Horses There?”. The poem itself is a bit lengthy, so a selection of it will be used. I’m quite interested to see what other poems have been chosen, though I won’t have the chance to ride the bus to find out.


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