Trillium Book Award Finalists


The 24th annual Trillium Book Awards have posted their lists of finalists and there are some delicious looking titles to be found. Of poets represented there are some fine writers and fine collections as well, in particular I like Paul Vermeersh’s Reinventing the Human Hand and Jeff Latosik’s Tiny, Frantic, Stronger; the former was one of the best books I read last year, and the latter, though I have not read it, I’ve heard it’s supposed to be quite a read and it is certainly on my list of new books to acquire. I also wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Dani Couture’s Sweet; I’ve been meaning to pick up Good Meat, but haven’t yet gotten around to it, so this inevitably means I’ll be ordering two of her books in the very near future.

I know awards don’t necessarily mean a book will be amazing, since a jury of, let’s face it, somewhat biased writers with their own standards and preferred writing styles are assessing the merit of very different works. It’s hard enough to compare two very different pieces of writing, let alone doing so with varying rubrics, but it does give some indication of what has stood out to a number of people in the field. For myself, these awards lists serve as potential shopping lists, bringing attention to those authors we may not have heard of yet and helps narrow down the growing and already too long wish list.

Check out the Trillium website and be sure to follow-up on the author’s pages provided with their bios. Well worth a look.


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