Some Q&Q Love for Glimpse


George Murray, who edited my first book, released his fourth book back in the fall called Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms. It’s a fine collection that I’d recommend to anyone either for their own reading or as a gift for the bookish types. In November, the book received some love from the Quill & Quire here in Canada, being reviewed by Michael Lista, an up and coming poet himself. Quite a positive review and, I must say, well deserved. George has been touring around in the last months to promote the book and will appear this coming Sunday at the SPARKS festival at Memorial University in St. John’s. I’ll certainly be there and I hope you find the opportunity as well.

Wittgenstein, in one of his own aphorisms, wrote: “Like everything metaphysical, the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language.” The sense one gets from reading the best aphorisms – and many of Murray’s can stand alongside the very best – is that the grammar of the aphorism itself becomes figurative, and we see the world as metaphor. The syntax becomes epistemological, and it’s the syntax that convinces us of the aphorism’s rightness.


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