What Are You Reading?


Just this evening, while at the local grocery store, I met up with a friend who was shopping for tangerines. Inevitably the question was asked, “What are you reading?” and we briefly discussed our current reading interests, for good or bad, and mentioned a book or two we have lined up to read in the near future (for the record I’m reading The Picture of Dorian Gray). I imagine this sort of exchange to be rather common, especially among those who are avid readers, but a part of me also wonders how many people read on a daily basis in my area (and by read I don’t mean news articles and blogs from the internet).

If you’re like me you are interested (perhaps excessively) in what other people are reading. I’ve been given the opportunity to stake out readers from the area in which I live and record informally what they are reading. If you’re a follower of Julie Wilson’s Seen Reading than this is nothing new to you. Julie considers herself a literary voyeur and has created a website where she writes about sightings she’s made of people reading on the go, either on the bus, in a store, the mall, wherever. I’ve been a fan of the site for quite a while now and am glad to see she’s decided to expand it to include other provinces and beyond. She’s asked me to be a contributor from Newfoundland and I really couldn’t say no.

Living in Gander, I’m unsure of how many people read while out and about, but I’ve decided it couldn’t hurt to find out (I’ll also check out sightings in St. John’s when I visit there). I expect this to be somewhat casual and should be quite a bit of fun. Check out Julie’s website and I hope you’ll follow along as I give this a shot.


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