Recent Purchases


I’ve been working through a recent drought when it comes to new poetry to read. My desire to catch up on classic novels and short stories is partly to blame, as is the general lack of reading I’ve done since July (been busy with research and preparing for the school year rather than reading for personal interest).

I did, however, get the chance to buy two new books this weekend which I can’t wait to get into: Bowering’s My Darling Nellie Gray and Klaassen’s Lean-To. Bowering has long been a poetic idol of mine and his Kerrisdale Elegies is one of my favourite Canadian collections. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on his latest for a while. I’m unfamiliar with Klaassen’s work outside the fact that she won the Atlantic Poetry Prize for it, though I have heard it’s a great read.

Two books I highly look forward to reading after I finish Nigel McLoughlin’s Chora. This Ulster poet has I think four collections out and has won some recognition in the British Isles. So far his book is a wonderful ride and I’ll be looking forward to reading more.


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