The GG’s Awards Finalists


The Canada Council has published the list of finalists for the annual Governor General’s Literary Awards. These lists usually come with quite a bit of discussion about who has made it to the shortlist (obviously), but often who has been left out. I must say that I’ve not read a single one of the poetry titles nominated this year. This says that I’m either out of the loop, or I need to start purchasing again. I think the latter is a definite.

The value of not having read these works is that it offers a pretty good suggestion of what I may want to read in the near future. Seeing a list full of books I have read would be a let down, providing nothing novel. There’s something exciting in seeing the new work out there; if not new to the world, than new to me. Here’s the poetry list as it stands (you can find the complete list of nominated book here):

  • Richard Greene, Boxing the Compass (Signal Editions)
  • Michael Harris, Circus (Signal Editions)
  • Daryl Hine, &: A Serial Poem (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
  • Sandy Pool, Exploding into Night (Guernica Editions)
  • Melanie Siebert, Deepwater Vee (McClelland & Stewart)

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