Canada Reads Poetry


Some good news for those interested in the crucial, yet often under-read genre we call poetry. The Afterword will be starting a “Canada Reads Poetry” series, which will include essays on different poetry collections as a way of sparking debate and discussion about poetry’s place in Canadian literature.

This is definitely an excellent decision on the part of the good folks at the book section of the National Post. I think it’s a shame that this sort of thing is required in the first place, but such is poetry’s status in a book world where novels and non-fiction seem to be taking precedence. There is a struggle by poets to get recognition through greater readership, but not just from the public, but from critics who play a vital role in the public’s reception of a book. God knows there’s enough controversy that has been going on the last year or so with poets and critics to drive the sane among us over the edge, but at the moment these voices make up a large part of the conversation about poetry in this country and without it one wonders how much attention the genre would get.

I’ll be paying close attention to this over the next month or so. I’m hoping to read some insightful essays on works I know, but will be even more interested to be exposed to those with which I am unfamiliar. Cheers to the Afterword.


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