Upcoming WANL AGM & Misc


Not a lot happening on my side of the writing world right now. I’m working on the odd poem here and there as well as rethinking whether to burn the manuscript or not with each new day. Been reading Chris Banks’ The Cold Panes of Surfaces and enjoying the heck out of it. Some lovely poems in there. I love Banks’ writing style and his approach to the subject matter about which he writes. Slowly getting back into reading poetry again after a couple months without much of it.

Coming up for me is the Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador’s AGM. This year it’s taking place in Grand Falls and I’m registered and ready to go. There’re a couple sessions I would like to attend and it should also make for a great opportunity to chat and catch up with fellow writers I haven’t seen in a while. Living in Central NL has it’s negatives and one of them is the small writing community and the inability to attend the literary events in the big city I would like. Oh well, such is life at the moment and I make do as best I can.

Look forward to seeing those of you who will be attending the AGM in November.


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