The Kindle 3


It seems that Amazon is jumping on the wagon with Sony and Kobo to produce a low(er) cost version of the Kindle that is slightly less bulky and easier to use. This is good news for those who did not want to spend a large amount on a Kindle when there are other, cheaper alternatives available.

I’ve not tried a Kindle, so I cannot comment on its ease of use or suitability as an everyday reading tool. I imagined it would be only a matter of time until Amazon followed in the footsteps of the other e-reader producers. Maybe this is a good step for them and their customers.

This article seems very concerned with comparing the Kindle to the iPad, but I really don’t understand why. The iPad has a backlit screen which automatically rules it out for me as a viable e-reader. I’d be more comfortable with a dedicated device for reading than another piece of technology that can let you read, but does a hundred different tasks more effectively (none of which at the same time, by the way). Read up on it and make your own informed decision.


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