Solie Wins the Griffin


Karen Solie has won the Canadian end of the 2010 Griffin Poetry Prize this year. Here’s an excerpt from the judges’ citation:

The vision here is powerful, philosophical, intelligent, especially adept at pulling great wisdom from the ordinary – as when a tractor is found to manifest ‘fate, forged/like a pearl around the grit of centuries.’ It may be, as Solie suggests, that ‘the honourable life/is like timing. One might not have the talent for it.’Among the greatest of Solie’s talents, evident throughout the poems of Pigeon, is an ability to see at once into and through our daily struggle, often thwarted by our very selves, toward something like an honourable life.

Pigeon is one of my favourite books of poems released last year and deserves this level of recognition. Solie has had quite a successful writing career thus far and her latest work proves she’s only on the rise.

Jake Mooney, over at Vox Populism, has recently been looking into Griffin Award math. He’s analysed some statistics pointing towards which publishers seem to perform well (Anansi can add another to their Griffin wins, now making a total of 2). He’s also noticed that, especially in light of last night’s win, females outperform males in this competition. It’s great to have someone look into these things; ultimately they are unimportant, but provide interest and an extra level of understanding as it relates to the history of such awards. Thanks to Jake for compiling this information.


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