kobo and Me


There have been a number of things that have happened since my most recent post last month, but without boring anyone with those details I’ll focus on the point of this post: I purchased a kobo.

Before you hang your head and click another weblink, I want to say I was greatly conflicted about getting a kobo (and still am in some ways). I’ve read enough articles and followed enough links to know the Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and other eReaders have caused some serious readers a lot of stress and with good reason. A mounting concern that eReaders will dominate the market and take the place of the traditional print book has lead many, myself included, to shun this type of technology for the comfort and endorphin rush one experiences when turning a page in your favourite book. It wasn’t until I did some research and put my prejudices aside that I came to the decision to buy one.

My initial reaction to the kobo, upon taking up a sampler in Chapters, quite honestly was disgust. As a bibliophile I liked the touch of a book and the feel and smell of paper between my fingers; taking the eReader tablet in my hands was something far different than what I was accustomed to with print books. I put the item down and proceeded over to the poetry section of the store to relish in the comfort of my favourite authors.

The short time (literally a matter of seconds) I spent with the kobo was enough to interest me. At home I spent time reading about the product, its competitors and generally rethinking my position on the eReader. When all was said and done I ended up returning days later to purchase the last one in stock (a cool, smooth, black version). Since then I’ve been using it as much as possible to find my way around how it works and start comparing it to my experience with print books.

I plan to document this journey, for better or worse, as a feature on this blog. Any interesting observations, discoveries, problems, and delights I meet along the way are all fair game. Let’s see where this goes.


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