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Nick Schuurman over at Young Poets, a part of The League of Canadian Poets, has posted a review of Never More There. The review highlights some strengths of the book and overall is quite positive. Below is an excerpt; you can read the review in its entirety here:

Where lies the line dividing history and folklore?

Weaving back and forth between memoir and myth, Newfoundland educator Stephen Rowe reveals the complexity of the question in Never More There, his debut collection of poetry. In this honest and unpretentious window into one man’s intimate and difficult connection to the world around him and the history that lies behind it, the line is blurred, and at times altogether removed; the cord that runs between things ordinary and surreal becomes tangled in these reflections and recollections.

Never More There forms a diverse and loosely strung together collection. These are poems about history, landscape, and the forces of nature – about folklore and family. His poems are earthy, but not campy, avoiding the typical clichés of nature poetry. Rowe captures in his poetry a sense of both the ordinariness of life and the chaotic mystery that pervades it; light, wind and seaweed are in one sense objects of myth, while at the same time entirely commonplace.


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