Kobzar Literary Award Announced


Randall Maggs (image: mun.ca)

Good news for Randall Maggs. His Night Work: The Sawchuk poems, about Terry Sawchuk the great NHL goalie, has just won the $25,000 Kobzar Literary Award. The website of the Shevchenko Foundation describes the vision of the award:

The vision of the Shevchenko Foundation for the Kobzar Literary Award is to foster cultural development in Canada through the Literary Arts and create opportunities for all Canadian writers to explore Ukrainian Canadian themes that are relevant to Canadians.

Presented biennially, the $25,000 prize ($20,000 to the author; $5,000 to the publisher) recognizes a Canadian writer who best presents a Ukrainian Canadian theme with literary merit through poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction, or young people’s literature.

This is an incredible accomplishment for Maggs and one that helps show Night Work is about more than hockey. I’ve been reading it myself lately and, though I’m not the hockey fan I used to be, I’ve enjoyed it very much. It’s less about the sport, in my opinion, and more about the man, who Sawchuk was, how people viewed him, and how he viewed himself.

I’m lucky to be attending a small reading/presentation Maggs is giving next week here in Gander. I’ve seen him read a couple of times, but this should be an excellent evening.


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