News Trickle


I’m waiting for two things at the moment: lunch and the announcement of the winners of the 2009 Governor General’s Awards. My eye is mainly on the poetry and fiction categories and will post something about these as soon as I find out and get a chance to follow up. You can view the finalists here.

In the meantime, read these:

  • Oh no! Run for the hills! (or if that’s not possible, ignore what’s coming your way…).
  • There’s a raging discussion over at Bookninja about the dismissing of ChickLit. For the record, I think dismissing an entire genre is ridiculous, no matter the reason. Watch your toes….
  • The previous raging discussion is getting very little concern outside the comments section of Bookninja due to this clusterf**k about reviewing in Canada. Read the comments here at your own risk.
  • And because those three items above aren’t funny enough, here’s a headline Stephen Fry posted on his Twitter feed.

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