Review at The Argosy


Just noticed a review of my book, Never More There, up at The Argosy from Mount Allison University in Sackville. Jennifer Musgrave has some interesting thoughts on the work itself. Here’s a snippet:

Rowe often breaks away from the traditional metre, sometimes going into straight prose, truly causing the reader to reconsider how we normally define poetry. He also makes skillful use of white space, line breaks, and other literary conventions to enhance the overall sound and metaphysical quality of his works. Such aspects give a certain voice and overall flow to his poems, giving the impression of expert editing.

In particular, Rowe’s poetry is able to capture the feelings and physical reactions one has to nature and sound. He is also quite skilled in realistically personifying nature as well as connecting the material sense of nature to our mental reality.

While I’m at it, I’ll mention that my book is also November’s Featured Book at Salty Ink, brainchild of Chad Pelley, an up and coming fiction writer based out of St. John’s. Thank you Mr. Pelley.


One thought on “Review at The Argosy

  1. chadpelley

    Hah. I was going to mention that. My site,, isn’t official yet. It is in the works. I will have it in order and online and properly hosted by the end of the week … in any case, maybe it was more exciting to find it without notice? It is much deserved. it is a visceral, engaging, and very accesible book of poetry I would gladly recomend to both dans of poetry and those hesistant of it.


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