Some News and Current Reading


It’s looking like the first launch for my collection, Never More There, will be taking place in the second half of October. There are a couple details to iron out, but it’s looking good for the week of the 19th. I will be posting later with specifics on a date and time as well as venue for both the St. John’s launch and the Gander launch. Stay tuned!

Been trying to catch up on some reading lately so as to get myself back in the writing groove. It’s been one of those summers where I have had time to read, but something else seems to have taken priority. Hopefully as the school year moves along I will settle into a pattern that will allow me more reading/writing time.

Speaking of reading, I recently finished Kevin Connolly’s Revolver. That’s some near brilliant work. It’s arranged in such a way that there should be something for everyone with a poetic bent in there. Great bit of writing. I’ve started reading Jailbreaks, an anthology of 99 Canadian sonnets edited by Zach Wells in 2008. It’s great so far and I’d recommend it to anyone. There are other books in the queue that I’ll get to, no doubt as the weeks go on. I better catch up with my current list as it’s getting longer by the day with new titles being published that I have to get my hands on.

Will update  in the near future.


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