The Cover + Update


rowe12-3Ok, so last I posted I mentioned that I’ve been looking at some cover options for my book due out in October. There were a couple interesting choices, but the one I’m going with is this one (to the right). Gotta say I’m excited as heck about it, but patience is a virtue, or so I am told.

I’ve also been working on another poetry project lately. It is still untitled, but is mostly finished. It may require a few more poems to flesh it out and, of course, a lot of revision and editing, but the idea of a second book isn’t too far away. I’ll be writing more about this as things move along and I get the chance to put some more work into it. There’s also a smaller translation project I’m involved with that will take longer, but I’m enjoying immensely. More about this later as well.

Picked up Kevin Connolly’s Revolver a while back and am looking foward to getting into that in the near future. As well, I’ve started reading Ted Rowe’s Connecting the Continents, a historical work about my hometown, Heart’s Content, and its roll in telegraph communications development. Anyway, that’ll keep me busy for now.

Just a reminder about my reading at the Railway Coastal Museum on July 22 at 7pm. Everyone welcome and I hope you can make it.


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