Some Current Reading


Things have been slow lately. I’ve been doing some last minute editing of the manuscript since the final version is due to the publisher by the 15th. That’s pretty much done. I wanted to print and bind a final version for myself to have and so did that with the help of my lovely librarian wife.

Other than this I have been trying to catch up on some reading. I’ve picked up a number of titles recently that I want to read, including the following:

  1. James Langer, Gun Dogs (Anansi, 2009)
  2. Patrick Warner, Mole (Anansi, 2009)
  3. A. F. Moritz, The Sentinel (Anansi, 2008)
  4. Sachiko Murakami, The Invisibility Exhibit (Talon, 2008)

I’ve read Gun Dogs and The Invisibility Exhibit already and will get to the others once I finish Karen Solie’s Pigeon, which is, so far, an incredible book. Langer’s book is excellent as well. It’s once of the first times I’ve read poems inspired by places I know intimately. Even an event in the book concerning a person being run down by a car happened in an adjacent community about 15 minutes from the place where I grew up (I also know the person involved). I’m not used to being this acquainted with subject and it really took me offguard and I was able to experience this and other sections of the book in a wonderful way.

I’m developing quite a back log of other books I want to read as well and hope the summer will provide the reading time I so desperately want.


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