Pub News


If you follow what I’ve been writing here over the past few months, you may remember that I mentioned I had

three sections of a longer poem entitled “Below the Spruce” published in The Society 2008 back in March. Any day now I will have three more sections from the same poem published in the newest issue of the

Newfoundland Quarterly. I happen to really love NQ with it’s articles of local interest and history, yet it has a wider appeal in readership as well. A good all round publication. So that makes two rejections and one acceptance in the past couple weeks. Not too bad.

The manuscript submissions are rather taxing in the patience department, due to the shear amount of time it takes to hear back from a publishing house. The months of waiting really take a lot out of you. You invest such an incredible amount of time into the writing of a manuscript and it’s easy to want a quick answer. Publishers do need to check you out, your writing and compare your writing to the stack of other manuscripts just waiting to be accepted. Wait for the rejections, submit elsewhere, move on.


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