Matrimonial Verse


During the last month or so I’ve been working on a group of poems, or “poemlets”, centered around the theme of marriage. This is most obviously because I will be crossing the threshold with my fiancee on August 1st of this year, but also because the topic is one that fascinates me: why get married? Who should get married? What meaning does one take from the ceremony itself, or the other smaller happenings that accompany it?

I cannot be particularly negative in writing this material at the moment. I’m looking forward to my wedding and the positives circle faster as the date approaches. Not all poetry must be critical to be useful. My father used to say that sometimes it’s enough to present common occurrences in a new light, or to say something pleasant in an interesting and memorable way. In other words, it’s the language that makes poetry important. Would Shakespeare’s work be the same without the turns of phrase, diction, and method of expression that we’ve come to know and study? Poetry can say the same things has prose, painting, music, photography, or sculpture, but the difference, and hence the value, is in how it is said.

This series has been enjoyable to write thus far. I come back to the topics and themes each week to take a closer look at them and to see what new thoughts and impressions come through. It’s easiest to write when one has a focal point, just as when learning to kayak it’s helpful to focus on a place or object in the distance, rather than the nose of your kayak, when you wish to move straight through the water and not drift off to one side.


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